Multiply Kids exists to point children and their parents to the cross of Jesus Christ. It is at the cross where we see Christ’s love displayed in its fullest form. By embracing and reflecting on this love, we seek to present every parent and child mature in Christ.

What are the steps to this maturity?

  1. Knowing Christ
  2. Growing in Christ
  3. Going to tell the world about Christ

Each step towards maturity in Christ finds its  foundation in the Word of God. We believe it is the parent's role to teach their child the Word of God. (Deuteronomy 6:1-9) We seek to equip parents and children with the tools that they need to help them both grow in Christ. Our desire is for the love of Christ to be embraced by parents and to be multiplied to their children so that they can share Christ’s love with others.

We use the Gospel Project curriculum to help equip parents and children. This material teaches children the storyline of the Scriptures. It seeks to show Christ in the Old and the New Testament. The redemptive plan of God is taught every week and is designed to communicate the good news of the Gospel.

Currently, Multiply Kids is available from newborn to third grade during our weekly worship time. Children in the fourth through twelfth grades will attend worship with their parents. Each sermon will not only engage youth and adults, but will also include participation from the children through various prompts within each sermon.

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